As you have come to recognize, at Dragon we are continually evolving and generating unique features to make your life simpler.

By now of course you have downloaded the Dragon Social Wallet from and delved into the intuitive and elegantly designed interface.

The Dragon Social Wallet is the finest around and has been designed from the ground up, to smoothly connect you to the Dragon ecosystem where you can venture into the exciting world of digital asset trading.

As well as getting hold of your Dragon coin–the world’s number one entertainment coin, you can make payments, make transfers and follow your real time balance.
Details such as lightning fast FIAT top ups, simple transfers via QR code and a built in support system are amazing of course but imagine if you could link your wallet to an easy to use digital exchange.⠀

Well now you can, sign up for Dragon Exchange at and get ready to combine it with your Dragon Social Wallet to truly unleash the power of Dragon.