The evolution of blockchain technology has recently celebrated its 10th year of existence. Originating with Bitcoin, the first crypto currency to apply blockchain technology backed by the use of a distributed ledger, blockchain technology can be widely considered as a great store of value away from the conventional banking system that operates on trackable fiat currency.

There are many use cases for blockchain technology, from harnessing and monetising renewable energy to programming automated vehicles. However, Dragon has unlocked the potential use of blockchain in alleviating the need of handling physical currency for individuals part of the Dragon Junket community.

Dragon released its universal Dragon Coin (DRG) coin in March 2018 as part of their evolution of the entertainment industry. As a leading blockchain solution provider, Dragon has already established valuable international partnerships ensuring financial stability going forward.  

After a phenomenal year of supporting winning motors sports teams and golfing tournaments Dragon is turning their attention to bringing positive change to the Esports and gaming communities as well as strengthening their relationships with a range of professional fighters - three of them will be competing for $1 million dollars on New Years eve in the Professional Fighters League.

In addition, Dragon, have an ongoing commitment to reinvesting in emerging talent, find out more this and other areas that we support at