As we come to the end of November the technical team at Dragon would like to let you know that we value the feedback that our members have given to us and we want to let you know about the latest updates to our Dragon Exchange (DRGx).

Firstly, we are introducing more currency pairs so as well as being able to trade in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), XRP and TRX for Dragon Coin (DRG) and we have just launched EUR as our first FIAT payment rail.  We will be following this with a pairing of DRG to US Dollars before adding several other fiat rails to make this the only exchange you will need to use.

Secondly, we have taken on board your comments about the user interface of the exchange itself and we have taken steps to improve its usability including making some modifications to the colour scheme.  Why don’t you log in to the DRGx site now to take a look?

The Dragon technical team hope that you like these enhancements and as always we are ready to listen to you.  You can contact us on the website.