The world’s number one entertainment coin, Dragon Coin (DRG), has extended its reach well beyond the entertainment industry and Dragon is leading the way in allowing veterans charities to accept digital donations.  

Dragon Coin is now an integral component of an innovative solution to support veterans’ charities in the United Kingdom.  In fact, DRG is the first digital currency to be used to help veterans no matter what aspect of public service they have performed in the past.

Veterans often need aid to handle complex issues they face, particularly as many often struggle to deal with PTSI and Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan thought it was high time for veteran charities to be able to accept digital currency donations.

Paul Moynan, Op Damien Bagram Air Base Afghanistan - 2002

Paul is a former Royal Marine Commando himself, so he knows on a personal level what issues veterans face and it was an honour to be able to support causes that improve the wellbeing of veterans in wherever possible.  Several members of the Dragon team are veterans themselves; therefore, this project was keenly approached and painstakingly well developed and subjected to rigorous testing until it was something they could all be proud of.      

With this in mind, it was perhaps only fitting that Dragon has stepped forward and have become the first blockchain solution provider to use its digital currency to support charities. This integration has been very well received by veteran charities as can be seen through its partnership with the UK based Save Our Soldier (SOS).  The success of the SOS partnership has generated a mass of tremendously positive feedback, and several other veterans' charities are now looking to add DRG donations into their ecosystems to evolve and enhance their current practices.

So, as well as providing a wide range of innovative blockchain solutions to make a bridge between traditional businesses Dragon now work with a growing number of high-quality partners to support veterans’ charities in the UK and across the world.

Dragon makes the process of supporting charities easier, more convenient and reliable for members of the public.  This is also a great alternative way for charities to receive donations so that these essential members of society can get all the assistance they need as quickly as possible to help support them to lead healthy lives after serving of their country.    

As Dragon continues to be the driving force for the evolution of the entertainment industry the popularity of Dragon Coin continues to grow and will see people using it in a range of ways alongside making donations to charities. This is a digital currency which is genuinely revolutionary, and the fact that Dragon Coin can be used by charities is clear evidence that it has many more use cases beyond gaming and entertainment.  

One of the many benefits of using Dragon Coin includes the fact that it comes with its user-friendly Dragon Social Wallet, which can be downloaded for free and conveniently installed onto your mobile device.

Furthermore, sending money is a quick and easy process, and all that the donor has to do is scan the QR code on the relevant charities’ website or wristband at an event using a phone and then making the donation.  The donations are then publicly visible on the currency's public ledger providing reassurance, so donors do not have to worry about the money ending up in the hands of intermediaries or private individuals as opposed to reaching the veterans who need the funding.  

Making donations has never been this simple. As Dragon Coin is a borderless currency anyone interested in making charitable donations can do so from anywhere in the world.  

So, sign up for a Dragon Social Wallet today and start making donations in a transparent and straightforward modern payment processing method.