Dragon are well known for holding the title of the world's number 1 coin for entertainment but did you realize that their ICO was the third largest in history? Dragon were the first company to use Blockchain technology for gaming and it was only natural companies would quickly see the benefit of using Dragon Blockchain solutions.

ULTIMOS have partnered with Dragon following the close of their own ICO to secure a solid foundation for their Ultimo Hombre ecosystem and with an estimated 912 million gamers in Asia alone the future is certainly bright for ULTIMOS.

Paul Moynan, CEO of Dragon said, “the extraordinary team at ULTIMOS have taken gaming to the next level and that’s why they are such an amazing and natural fit for Dragon. The world's number 1 entertainment coin to be partnering with the soon to be world's number 1 gaming coin will open up unimaginable possibilities for the gaming industry".

The partnership with Dragon has seen an immediate empowerment of key stake holders and gamers alike and has already caught the attention of other major industry leaders.

ULTIMOS supports the live arena for professional E-sports tournaments as well as catering for social gaming.

The ULTIMOS ethos of wanting to reward gamers for their endeavors, regardless of ability has been extremely well received. Backed by Dragon Blockchain solutions, gamers will be able to use the tools of the online platform to raise a gaming empire.

Paul continues, “you will be astonished at the remarkable growth our two companies have planned which will see considerable value added to both gaming and crypto communities. With the wealth of experience reaching back to 1990s through to the new era Blockchain innovation our strategic partnership delivers a win win for all players”.

Visit https://drgtoken.io/index.html to see the possibilities of using Dragon Blockchain and as the ULTIMOS token pre-sale is now open, head over to https://www.ultimos.io to sign up for this game changing opportunity.