Game Media Works have an amazing portfolio of over 300 certified game titles making Game Media Works one of the largest providers games in the world.  They have developed advanced slot machines that allow gamers to play up to 50 different games on the same cabinet (multi-gaming) and cutting-edge cashless card casino systems which are a natural fit to become integrated into the Dragon ecosystem.

The integration of Dragon Social Wallet will allow the use of Dragon Coin (DRG), the world’s number one entertainment coin to be used in the GMW’s physical world of gaming as well as providing near instantaneous transactions in a card less environment through the use of a QR code.

If this wasn’t impressive enough already, GMW also provide innovative Facebook social gaming apps including a Facebook based casino app and a wide variety of Flash games that can be played on mobile devices or on the web which offer a unique rewards program with partners such as Walmart, eBay and many others making this social gaming offer very unique.

Now operating under the umbrella of GDP Supergroup, Game Media Works were born on the casino floor and have innovated and evolved their products to create unique video slot machines and robust gaming platforms which can be played physically, online and on your smart phone.  GMW distributes its game content through a variety of proprietary and third party platforms.

The history behind GDP Supergroup and Game Media Works is equally impressive.  Dimitri and Peter Palexas have been in the gaming industry since they were children when their father Nick opened and operated an arcade route.  Dimitri and Peter saw great success when they introduced teddy bear 'grabber' machines which are now a ubiquitous feature in every fairground and amusement arcade.

Ever since then they have stayed true to their father’s vision of creating the best gaming content in the world and the distribution of that content. Since Dragon Coin (DRG) is the world’s number one entertainment coin it is only fitting that they have teamed up with us, Allowing our company and related businesses to benefit from Dragon’s impressive Ecosystem created to bring win win value add as my dear friend and Dragons International CEO Paul always strives for throughout the companies DNA.

Our new partnership is set to go from strength to strength throughout 2019 I believe more and more companies will adopt Dragon and DRG for both business and consumer enhancement.

GMW games and platforms continually perform exceptionally well against the world’s top 5 slot vendors – IGT, Bally, Williams, Novomatic and Aristocrat.

It would be fair to say that Dimitri and Peter have brilliantly evolved their father Nicks vision of becoming a world class provider of entertainment systems and Dragon look forward to very a fruitful partnership in 2019.

Game Media Works has tremendous growth potential in distributing game content via the Dragon ecosystem, what out for more announcements soon but in the meantime, visit the Game Media Works website to play now.