With DRGx now launched for crypto to crypto transactions, the Dragon Ecosystem is preparing to take the next steps towards adding the first Junket.⠀Kicking this process off will be the addition of the payment rails and Fiat pairings within the exchange followed by thirty days of stress testing the system to ensure it performs to its maximum potential.⠀After these criteria have been met, the first junket can be introduced, ready to take Dragon to unparalleled new heights.

We have developed Dragon Exchange (DRGx) from the ground up to make sure it is absolutely crammed full of features whilst eliminating the confusing layouts that you see in other exchanges.⠀Along the coming weeks, we will keep adding features to DRGx:
- more currency pairs
- more liquidity
- top up / withdrawals of fiat currencies
- payment by card, for the convenience of use
- referral programs
- live support
- Full and seamless integration with our Dragon Social Wallet

This is only the beginning.