The amazingly successful Dragon mobile meet ups continue today when we arrive at the Silicon roundabout near Old Street in East London.

From 12pm onwards you can get on board talk to the team of Blockchain experts to discover out how you can benefit from the adoption of Dragon Blockchain solutions. Whether you require a reliable and easy to operate exchange for your digital asset trading or a digital wallet to handle your finances, Dragon really has it all.

This area of London is packed with talented early stage and established entrepreneurs who will immediately appreciate the benefits of introducing Dragon Blockchain technology into their own ecosystems.

Paul Moynan CEO of Dragon and former Royal Marines Commando recognises the potential of the area. He say, “my business partner Chris Ahmed and I like to do very unique and out of the box things and that's why we have headed over to the Silicon roundabout.

Great minds think alike and people working in and around the Silicon roundabout are not afraid to push the boundaries of technology - which makes this mobile meet up particularly exciting. Our team is looking forward to introducing our Blockchain solutions and I am certain that this will create some exciting developments in many areas of e-commerce and business’.

The decentralisation that Dragon Blockchain provides means that businesses can easily introduce secure transparent solutions into existing infrastructure and has the power to bring positive disruption to practically all areas of technical innovation. With the launch of the secure and easy-to-use Dragon Exchange (DRGx) businesses can be confident that their digital resources are in safe hands.

So come why not join Dragon at the Silicon Roundabout to chat to a friendly knowledgeable member of our team or explore how Dragon Blockchain can provide secure, transparent tracking and much more at Or have a look at the video to see how easy the Dragon Social Wallet is to use then get set to visit one of our team who will help you download and explore the multitude of unique features.