So, we know you have been following the rise of the Dragon as we get ready to spread our wings and open our exchange - and we are immensely pleased to announce that we will be open for business soon.

Our team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to build an exchange that presents you with a trading experience that you will find as seamless as the currency transfers you will enjoy.⠀

We know that you will be blown away with how easy it is to trade your digital assets on Dragon Exchange (DRGx) and with aggressive fees as low as 0.1% you need not go anywhere else.⠀

We have developed an exceptionally accessible and liquid exchange so whether you need to trade in Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple or to make an investment in our Dragon Coin - the world’s number 1 entertainment token, we’ve got you covered.⠀

At Dragon we take pride of our security and don’t take too lightly to scammers so we have built a ground breaking, state-of-the art artificial intelligence system that detects any suspicious activity.⠀

See these and other features at  where you can pre-register for bonuses–but be quick this offer won’t last forever!