Do you want the opportunity to play video games and show off your gaming skills in front of a crowd of thousands?  Can you imagine the pleasure you will get when you hear the crowd cheering for you and hearing them shouting your name as they watch you defeat your opponent with moves that you have spent hours perfecting?  Well you don’t have to imagine anymore, because with Ultimo Hombre you can play the latest new games for free and what’s more you could bag yourself a haul of cool tech to take away with you for your efforts.

Ultimo Hombre are well known for producing unique e-gaming events that draw in crowds of tens of thousands vying for the chance to become a champion gamer for the day or to watch their favourite professional clans of gamers in action.  The customer always comes first when producing and marketing their events regardless of which country they are in.  Their attention to detail is absolutely breath-taking and ensures that players of all abilities go home buzzing after experiencing the thrill of competing in a fantastic e-gaming tournament!

Gamers flock to the events because, with Ultimo Hombre partnering with SONY, you could stand a chance of winning some of the latest gaming equipment and some of the hottest Triple-A game releases out there.  It doesn't matter whether you are a veteran or a noob, Ultimo Hombre ensure that ‘everybody can play and anybody can win’. Each event has something for every gamer, want to play Retro games? No problem. Fancy conquering a new FPS map?  Go for it.  And, as no two events are the same; you might have been grinding away in a strategic battle on a mobile gaming platform in Indonesia at one event and playing FIFA with the chance to win gaming hardware such as the latest PS4 Pro in the United Kingdom.

Imagine giving gamers the creative freedom to design events…

The key components in any company are the staff that it employs, and Ultimo Hombre have ensured that the very people responsible for creating and hosting gaming events are…well…actually gamers.  Ben and Freddy have been friends for over ten years, and their work ethic and positive approach is evident in everything they have done to build Ultimo Hombres brand identity.  Ben had an extremely successful career in the music industry as an event manager before the gaming industry reeled him in and impressively in less than a year, he became Head of Production for Ultimo Hombre.  Ben’s event management skills combined with a clear strategic vision and the creative freedom of where to host events have seen Ultimo Hombre active across Asia, the UK and also soon to be in Scandinavia.

Freddy’s story is equally as sweet.  

After working in Miami as a sugar trader, Freddy saw the excitement generated by Ultimo Hombre when Ben took him to an event at the Bull Ring in Birmingham which pulled in a massive footfall of over 200, 000 people per day.  Building relationships and dealing with traders speaking a diverse range of languages while operating simultaneously across multiple time zones turned out to be a perfect fit for a business development role at Ultimo Hombre. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Partnering with Dragon, creators of the world’s number one entertainment coin has seen interest in Ultimo Hombre events reach stratospheric proportions after proudly presenting as Ultimo Hombre Powered by Dragon.  This new and innovate partnership is already paying dividends by attracting influential companies who want to be associated with Ultimo Hombre and Dragon such as Axis, the largest telecom provider in South East Asia who sponsored the Indonesian event late last year.

As the gaming season starts to gather pace, you better make sure you’re not left behind.  Follow Dragon and Ultimo Hombre to find out where the event will be and make sure you (lock and) load up your free Dragon Social Wallet to get closer to the action than ever before and make sure you keep an eye out for any Easter (or Dragon) eggs…