In a landscape dominated by professional tournaments and industry expos, fans are limited to watching the pros compete from the stands or walking the floor and browsing the stalls. Ultimo Hombre stands apart by putting fans at the forefront of each event. By bridging the gap between professional e-gaming and competitive amateur gaming, UH gives everyone the opportunity to take centre stage, emulate the professionals and be treated as the next big e-gaming star.

Dragon’s partnership has taken this model to the next level and turbocharged the Ultimo Hombre ecosystem - come join us on Telegram to find out how Dragon are evolving the e-gaming space.   Dragon’s position within the entertainment industry has opened doors to incredibly exciting opportunities in different markets around the world while the use of DRG at UH events allows gamers to monetise their love of gaming in a manner not seen before at live gaming events. The synergies between the gaming and crypto landscapes (55% of millennial's that game own crypto compared to just 5% that don't) make the future exceptionally bright for UH x Dragon.

Could you be the next e-gaming legend?  Get started by downloading the free Dragon Social Wallet and be sure to follow our super informative blog to see where the next live gaming event will be.