Ultimo Hombre says “Everyone can play, anyone can win”. And that's just what happened last week at the Surabaya Convention Centre in East Java. The hugely exciting gaming event was made possible by two young business women who teamed up to bring Indonesia the ultimate Ultimo Hombre gaming experience.

Increasingly recognised as a professional competitive sport, the Ultimo Hombre AXIS Pyramid League, powered by Dragon, was one of the biggest eGaming events in Surabaya.

Rachel Octavia is founder of the PR company FPeople. With her combined creative sales and marketing skills she managed to entice hundreds of gamers, who usually play from the comfort and solitude of their own homes, to come out of their shells and game together under one roof.  

Enticed by the incredible prizes and a shot at the Rp 190,000 in prize money too, of course. Rachel worked closely with Ultimo's representative in Indonesia, Risti Brophy. With this Ultimo Hombre AXIS Pyramid League experience, they have further bridged the gap between professional eSports and competitive gaming.

These two unstoppable and innovative women brought their special brand of Girl Power to the event, making sure the gamers had the ultimate gaming experience playing games like Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and many others.

The gamers used their Dragon Wallets to buy their tickets to the event and purchased food and merchandise using the QR code on their phones. They used Dragon's blockchain currency, of course, and had lots of fun as they swiftly and conveniently used the frictionless payments that the Dragon Social Wallet provides.

Dragon founder and entrepreneur, Paul Moynan, a strong advocate of female empowerment and entrepreneurship, is honoured to be working alongside professionals such as Rachel and Risti allowing egaming and blockchain to entertain people with DRG on such a grand scale. Expect to see big things happening with these two at the helm powered by Dragon into 2019.