With much anticipation, the final countdown to Ultimo Hombre AXIS Pyramid League is on!  Increasingly recognised as a professional competitive sport, the Ultimo Hombre AXIS Pyramid League, powered by Dragon, is set to be the biggest eSports event in Surabaya and is due to take place in the Surabaya Convention Centre, from 24th - 25th November.

Supreme League, the go-to full-service eSports Organiser will not only facilitate the event by very generously laying on the tournament, its expertise in the area will ensure everyone plays by the rules.

Rachel Octavia, founder of The F People, a prolific media platform from which like minded individuals can share and embrace their creativity, is delighted to be part of this exciting eSports event. In creating the Fabulous People network, Rachel has been able to lend her creative sales and marketing expertise to enhance the Ultimo Hombre AXIS Pyramid League experience.

Well regarded in Jakarta’s social community, Ristri Brophy, PR extraordinaire, developer of the popular NOW! Jakarta, whilst at Phoenix Communications and active proponent NGOs like GTZ ProFI, both in Bali and Jakarta, will add to the predicted success of the event. Not only a well-travelled PR professional, Ristri’s position as the Editor/Associate Publisher of NOW! Magazine has propelled her status in Jakarta’s social community and supported her specialism in the lifestyle sector.

Through hosting events around the world, the slogan ‘Everyone can play. Anyone can win’ truly describes the ethos of Ultimo Hombre. A leveling of the playing field across a wide and varying community is at the core of all events hosted by Ultimo Hombre.

Conscious partnership with incredible charities that promote the enablement of those with disabilities to participate in video gaming, both for leisure and tournament purposes is what has allowed Ultimo Hombre to be one of the first companies to successfully bridge the gap between professional eSports and social competitive gaming. Moreover, awareness of the effects of e-waste in the wider ecosystem is what fuels the vision for a more sustainable eSports ecosystem.

Dragon’s innovative blockchain technology, combined with DRG, the world’s number one entertainment coin, will unite and empower passionate gamers and spectators from around the world to win incredible prizes on the Ultimo Hombre powered by Dragon leader boards just for using the Dragon Social Wallet.