The beginning of October saw more than 800 regional and global leaders from governments, the private sector, academia and members of civil society gathered for the 33rd World Economic Forum for India.

The jam-packed two-day conference had the central theme of exploring innovation for India and strengthening its links throughout South Asia.

The co-chairs for the conference that expertly guided and moderated the talks on Indian innovation and South Asia ties were the following:

There were some similar themes to the recent World Economic Forum: Africa, which was covered on the Dragon Blog here with crucial discussions on the fourth industrial revolution and subsequent technologies.  The focus turned to investigating how to boost the dynamism of South Asia to maximise the growth potential of the region.

It has been a long term goal of Dragon CEO Paul Moynan to support the development and growth of remittance systems while capitalising on 4th industrial revolution and the massive benefits of Blockchain.  Paul analysed the key discussions of the World Economic Forum: India saying, “the Dragon team have worked incredibly hard to bring our Blockchain Innovation to the South Asian region to exploit the extensive networks which we already have in place.  We are well placed to support India’s rising technological wave and look forward to seeing how they will utilise the opportunities afforded by the fourth industrial revolution.”

Dragon Blockchain Solutions can be adopted by any business allowing them to bridge the gap between traditional business and blockchain innovation.  The Dragon ecosystem of the Dragon Exchange, the amazingly versatile Dragon Coin and the free Dragon Social Wallet open up a world of possibilities for anybody prepared to embrace the superb opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.

Deeper collaboration between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and India was discussed in light of WEF statistics from their opinion polls commissioned to investigate optimism about technology globally.  A colossal 10,000 people from 29 countries responded with the survey revealing that Indian respondents were exceptionally optimistic and are the least sceptical in the world about the motives of technology companies, which means that blockchain adoption in India is predicted to continue to grow but at an ever-increasing rate.

The World Bank indicates that the South Asian region is the fastest growing in the world and India is thriving with the Indian secretary for the Department of Promotion of Industry, Guruprasad Mohapatra stating that 50,000 registered start-ups are operating in India with numbers projected to top 50,000 more by 2023.

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