The ongoing technological developments in digital currencies have the tremendous potential to help the estimated 1.7 Billion people who do not have access to a bank account as well as supporting the economies of developing nations.  Blockchain technology and digital currencies are capable of solving the some of the most pressing problems found in most developing countries by allowing people to access digital payment systems and tackle poverty by removing the need for expensive payment processing systems.  Many payment gateways have a severe impact on the people who can’t afford to use them and charge users’ outrageous fees for them to have their transactions validated.  In no time at all, these transaction fees can mount up but to ensure these transaction costs are reduced to the bare minimum, the Dragon Social Wallet can be used.

As clearly mentioned above, most of these payment gateways would require you to make large payments to have your funds transferred severely reducing the value of the transaction - this is entirely different from what the Dragon Social Wallet offers. Free to download now the Dragon Social Wallet allows users the opportunity to make transfers (international or cross border transactions included) with dramatically reduced fees.  Developed by one of the leading Blockchain companies in the world, Dragon, who are also behind Dragon Coin, the World’s No. One Entertainment Coin, the Dragon Social Wallet offers impressive features that guarantee fast and cheap transfer of funds from one country to another.

Dragon Social Wallet to Dragon Social Wallet transfer are completely free meaning that payments can be made between companies without losing value traditionally taken by intermediaries, all users need is a smartphone to be able to unlock the world of digital payments.

Want to experience faster and cheaper transfers for yourself? Simply download the Dragon Social Wallet now or to find out more on the Dragon Blog.