DRAGON is the Worlds No One Entertainment Coin, bridging the gap between traditional businesses and Blockchain innovation in this hyper-connected e-commerce era. Dragon is delivering a fast, low-cost service to both consumers and industry leaders across the Entertainment space.  

The Dragon Social Wallet is a key component of the Dragon ecosystem, which also comprises the Dragon Exchange and Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin.

The latest iteration of the Dragon Social Wallet converges key components that today's businesses and savvy individuals need to stay competitive in today's fast-paced technically diverse world.  Combining the very latest developments in messaging technology with the cutting-edge features of the Dragon Social Wallet puts the power of mobile communication and trading back into the user’s hands.  Imagine the messaging functionality of WhatsApp - but with the additional power of being able to make secure fast payments and you begin to understand what the Dragon Team have built.

This document provides the technical specifications for the latest iteration of the Dragon Social Wallet, which should be read in conjunction with the latest updates on the Dragon Blog.

Features & Description

Messaging - One on one messaging and group messaging with granular permission management.

Chat Room - Chat room with access control and user role designation.

Notifications - Server-generated presence notifications for people or groups active in the wallet.

Message Status - Notifications for message delivery to the server; message received and read.  Real-time typing notifications.

Web Push Notifications - Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) web push notifications on Android and iOS platforms.

Text Formatting - Rich formatting of text using markdown-style.

Images - Images can be added into the message (inline) or as a file attachment.

Forms and Responses - Forms and templated responses suitable for chatbots, including the ability to conduct polls and chat dialogues.

Data Caching - The app provides the ability to cache data on the client-side.

Secure Data Transmission - Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption applied to all data sent.

Data Integrity - Data stored in shared server clusters with failover capability provide excellent redundancy to ensure maximum uptime.

Message History - Messages can be stored and viewed and viewed as a paginated history.

Large Objects - Larger objects can be stored locally or via the built-in scalability using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to handle larger objects such as video.

Planned Feature 1, Voice Messaging - The ability to record and send voice messages is planned for future release.

Planned Feature 2, End to End Encryption - The addition of off the record (OTR) end to end encryption will enhance security for individual and group messaging.  The encryption keys are not cloud-based to provide state-of-the-art encryption to users' wallets.

Planned Feature 3, Server Database Encryption - All messages sent via the Dragon Social Wallet will be encrypted and stored in a secure database.

We are sure that users can't wait to get their hands on the Dragon Social Wallet to try out the messaging platform and as this release also links the app directly to the Dragon Exchange, it will become the only digital wallet they'll ever need.  This is a great leap forward in functionality, but Dragon does not rest on their laurels, so get set for subsequent releases bringing enhanced encryption and the latest voice messaging features.