Dragon secure partnership with HighStakes as the development of Pillar II continues to gather pace as more companies look to integrate with the Dragon Ecosystem.

HighStakes are one of the worlds best online gaming platforms for high-value customers offering superb opportunities to challenge themselves at the virtual poker table or in the live casino as well as providing a great range of betting and trading facilities. While the closure of land-based casinos has presented a considerable challenge to many gaming businesses, HighStakes has remained one of the go-to destinations for professional gamers and High Net Worth Individuals.

The partnership between Dragon and HighStakes is monumental on many fronts and will be a great addition to Dragon's iGaming pillar, allowing gamers to get in on the action quicker than ever. By integrating Dragon Coin, the worlds No. One Entertainment Coin into the HighStakes platform means that players can keep hold of DRG in their Dragon Social Wallet and will easily be able to use it in both online and in physical locations.  

Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan said,

"it is hard not the be impressed by what the HighStakes team have achieved, and I am delighted to announce another fantastic strategic partnership with a top-class provider. By integrating the Dragon Ecosystem into their platform, including a hybrid payment system allowing players to play with and access winnings in DRG, this is a phenomenal win-win for players and providers alike.”

The forecast for the global online gaming market is predicted to be valued at a colossal $94 billion within four years, and with HighStakes already having over 100,000 registered users combined with Dragons reach across Asia, Africa and Latin America, things are looking extremely bright. Players will have access to DRGx giving them unparalleled flexibility allowing them to convert fiat currencies into DRG seamlessly and vice versa, and, as DRG will be presented as a payment option, the demand for Dragon Coin will further increase.

These are exciting times as Dragon gets set to soar, so feel free to join the discussion on Facebook or Twitter and follow the Dragon Blog for the latest news on partnerships and industry insights.