Dragon Music Ambassador Motoe Haus has had his fair share of success that has been well documented here on the Dragon Blog. The accomplished DJ and techno producer envisions the future of the music industry and the innovation that blockchain will bring.

Adding to the success, 17th September 2019 sees Motoe Haus have his name on yet another album. One of the many labels that Motoe Haus is a part of Haustronaut are releasing their anniversary compilation.

Image Credit: Audi-Technica / Ibiza Global TV

The compilation album titled '5 years on Earth' is the label celebrating its fifth anniversary with it releasing music from artists from over 30 countries in that period, so a curated top 28 tracks have been compiled to be released on the 17thSeptember. The tracks on the album are from the incredible following artists Motoe Haus, Fernie, OC, Fabrizio Carioni, Dorian Grey, NLF, Ale Flowers, Erick Khalifa, Nors, FloMo, Samy Jarrar, O&I, Sean Lazarus, Gal, Oleg Skipper, Phill Kullnig, Gustavo Godoy, Cesar Marquez, 2WB, Adnan Jakubovic, Days Are Dying, Ovatchi, John Roël, Ashley Hanoman, Sergio Maldonado, Jaime Narvaez, and Tweaken.

Hastronaut stated that the album has been curated because, "we have come to give love in the form of ever-expanding harmonic layers of geometric 4th dimension mediums... or as you call it here on this special planet, music. As the sensibility of joy and unity are shared into the fabric of the star children residing here, Haustronaut would like to thank you for joining this exploration into the potentiality of resonance. We are thrilled and excited to keep releasing quality underground dance music for the great people of this fine planet and help to continually connect folks from all walks of life."

DJ at work
Photo by Marcela Laskoski / Unsplash

The Dragon Blog documents extensively the work of Dragon Music Ambassador Motoe Haus and the efforts that Dragon are taking to ensure that the music industry adapts to new revolutionary forms of music distribution. The Dragon CEO, Paul Moynan is a dear friend of Motoe Haus, and together they share the vision that blockchain technology will cause a monumental shift in the status quo of every stage of the music distribution process. The current process by which music rights and royalties are distributed includes too many intermediaries. You can learn more about Dragons efforts on the Dragon Blog here.

Photo by Abigail Lynn / Unsplash

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