Regular readers of the Dragon Blog are well aware of how Dragon is at the cutting edge of technology but, in many ways, Dragon has been literally flying below the radar.  Take a pause and look back at this amazing feat! Redeveloping the Dragon Exchange (DRGx) from the ground up, removing inefficient providers to provide a sublime trading experience worthy of the Dragon Community. Furnishing DRGx with fantastic crypto and fiat pairings including the amazingly versatile US Dollar Coin (USDC) which combines the power and flexibility of a digital currency backed by the security of one US Dollar to each coin.

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Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash

Bringing in world-class payment gateways such as Skrill to enable users to top up and withdraw Euro's to your bank account or via the free Skrill Mastercard. Once logged into your Skill account, the Skrill Virtual Mastercard lets you choose between using EUR, GBP, USD and PLN, which is excellent for use in international e-commerce transactions.

Cramming yet more functionality into the free Dragon Social Wallet by introducing improved KYC and security features as well as unlocking the messaging capabilities.  We know that you are itching for the soft launch which is just on the horizon, and we wait with bated breath for Apple to finish their meticulous testing of the iOS version of the Dragon Social Wallet.

Remember that as soon as Dragon listed on Coin Market Cap DRG hit 74th out of the thousands listed there.  Where DRG will sit once 30 days of soft testing are over is anybody’s guess but exciting times are ahead and to (Dragon) coin a phrase, 'you ain't seen nothing yet!’