I am both honoured and thrilled to lead DRGx, there is much to be done and exciting times ahead. I would like to communicate our plan and the ways that we are building DRGx.

When appraising the current market situation:

  • The market is currently saturated with over 400 crypto exchanges.
  • Centralized exchanges remain stable with no new developments expected to be seen.
  • Crypto exchanges believe that people interested in digital assets and blockchain technology are also interested in trading - however there is no widespread evidence of this yet.
  • Due to the market experiencing some instability; it will be fascinating to see how organisations who lack capital and ongoing revenue perform in 1H19 if they have not implemented proper risk management strategies.

How are we developing DRGx further?

We believe that good technology should be beautiful and invisible and that mass adoption will not occur because people want to have the technology for itself. Mass adoption will occur because people want to experience what life is like thanks to having the blockchain technology. We believe our customers want 6 things:

  • Ongoing value.
  • Immediate Fulfillment.
  • Anywhere, Real Time Transactions.
  • Memorable Experiences.
  • Personalized Moments.
  • Easy, simple access.

DRGx is fundamentally different in its approach and DNA because:

  • DRGx is seamlessly connected to a (QR Code) payment wallet -  the Dragon Social Wallet (DSW)
  • DRGx + DSW enables the opportunity to Send / Receive assets (fiat and crypto) for free, almost instantaneously, anywhere, anytime.
  • DRGx + DSW allows easy fiat top ups.

But moving away from the technical aspects to the exciting part which is this: DRGx + DSW link the Dragon ecosystem to its community:

The Dragon Ecosystem is going from strength to strength with Art, E-gaming, Motorsports, Professional fighting, Wellness and Charity.  The Dragon Social Wallet opens up the possibilities for once in lifetime experiences and brings massive value add to to the Dragon community.  As a DSW user you can benefit from a whole host of experiences such as direct 1 to 1 access to superstar athletes and potential Olympians (Tokyo 2020).

As such, DRGx, with Dragon and the Social Wallet aim at:

  • Providing a seamless crypto / fiat experience.
  • Enabling mass adoption of crypto currencies.
  • Providing a user rich experience that goes beyond anything that exists in the market.
  • This is what we are building for you as we conquer every set back on the way to delivering our vision of DRGx.

As Dragon clients, you always have fast access to our support team, so please feel free to reach out to our Customer Champions whenever you need assistance or have a question, we will always try to bring what you need in a timely manner. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

We are still evolving and being at the forefront of technology means that sometimes things take a little longer than what we wish.

As 2018 is drawing to a close, I wish you will enjoy this time with your friends and loved ones. I could not be more excited about what is coming for next year and I look forward to hearing from you over the coming months regarding our new features, new tools, exciting events and products.

Best Regards,

Kevin Talbot
Managing Director for DRGx