Dragons expansion continues at pace, the Dragon ecosystem branches out into the fantastic growth market of India.

Following on from the recent Supreme Court of India’s ruling to lift the ban on cryptocurrency use, India is set for a flood of new opportunities for investment into new markets which will, in turn, provide a massive economic boost. As the second-most populous country in the world with nearly 18% of the total world population, this new freedom to use digital currencies. DRG is set to drive the demand for new payment gateways and technology for peer-to-peer transactions.

Dragon co-founder, Paul Moynan:

“The Dragon team have been active behind the scenes in India in preparation for the ban to be lifted as we look to connect with the Indian gaming industry which is predicted to top a phenomenal $801 Million in the next two years. As well as this, the population of 1.3 Billion people, whose median age is 28.4 years, are an ideal demographic for Dragon to engage with and support the remittance needs of domestic and international Indian communities.”

With such a colossal user base with a growing appetite to adopt digital currencies, India has the potential to become a crypto superpower and many companies will be exploring new Blockchain technology and next-generation payment systems such as the Dragon Social Wallet. The Dragon Social Wallet is entirely free to download and provides a convenient way for people to conduct transfers (international or cross border) with dramatically reduced fees. When used with Dragon Coin, the World’s No. One Entertainment Coin, the Dragon Social Wallet offers impressive features that guarantee fast and cheap transfer of funds from one country to another.

Dragon Social Wallet to Dragon Social Wallet transfer is completely free meaning that payments can be made between companies without losing value taken by intermediaries offering a fantastic option for the billions of smartphone owners in India allowing them to quickly unlock the world of digital payments.  
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