Dragon partners with an innovative white label gaming provider in India, Binary Brics. Today’s announcement sees Dragon form a powerful strategic partnership with Binary Brics - a leading company providing lightning-fast Betfair exchange facilities for sports betting in India. Binary Brics’ Betfair services are concurrently accessed by 80,000 users daily with a massive database of more than 1.3 million players. With the Indian online gaming market reportedly generating an annual revenue of over $30 Billion yearly with an estimated projection of $2.4 Billion* by the end of this year it’s clear to see the potential of this new partnership.

The Binary Brics team of highly qualified, talented and innovative IT professionals have a wealth of experience across the full range of custom software development from small entrepreneurial projects all the way to complex multi-dimensional systems for major corporations. Amongst their wide and varied portfolio, Binary Brics have a great line up of fresh Sports apps as well as applications for Stock and Commodity trading.

“With the restrictions on crypto use ending, the gaming market in India is set to experience tremendous growth, and I'm looking forward to working with the Binary Brics team to explore how our Ecosystem of Dragon Coin, DRGx and the Dragon Social Wallet can integrate across their platforms. With a history of excellence and a great vision for the future of the gaming industry across India, our partnership with Binary Brics comes at exactly the right time for Dragon.” – Paul Moynan, Dragon co-founder.

Going by the name of DTS Sport, this platform provides real-time market odds for cricket, soccer and tennis matches including all domestic Indian and international women’s, One Day Internationals, T-20 and test matches. The DTS Sports interface provides incredible levels of engagement through regular score updates and live streaming of matches giving users a truly interactive gaming experience, allowing them to analyse the game flow and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Binary Brics are also behind over 800 android apps including this one which provides features to manage stocks, build watch lists & portfolios as well as accessing live quotes of stocks, all packaged in a simple and user-friendly interface. Despite acting as a very lightweight ticker, it is packed with powerful features allowing access to different stock levels such as, High, Low, Volume, Previous Close, Last and for a Specific Update Time allowing users to conduct virtual trading in commodities like crude oil, natural gas and metals.

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