The superbly talented Dragon Artist San B was in Birmingham recently to present fellow Dragon Artist Brian Travers with a fantastic piece of artwork.  Brian was blown away (no pun intended) by the stunning Swarovski Crystal Saxophone piece for the Giles Trust charity collection.


San has built quite a reputation for his painstakingly detailed work, with a single piece of Art featuring thousands of Swarovski Crystals which have to be layered and placed precisely – if you haven't seen his stunning work head over to the Dragon Art website right now!

San has a background story which began when he using crystals for American R & B artists Bruno Mars and Drake, and since then he had created a diverse collection that is admired by fellow artists and art lovers worldwide such as Lord Fink of Northwood.  In a recent article in the Daily Mail newspaper, you can see Sans Queen Elizabeth II piece taking up pride of place on the wall in his London penthouse.

Lord Fink of Northwood. Image credit Daily Mail / San B

This masterpiece has 6,892 carefully hand-placed Swarovski Crystals, and San's work is a real investment as each piece of fantastic Art is authenticated with a hologram seal of approval, which has a unique Alpha Numeric code for the investor as part of the certification.

As well as displaying at the luxurious Kempinski Hotel, San's work has been exhibited at the Savoy in London, and he has some great celebrity friends and collectors who champion and collect his work such as Amir Khan, Ronnie O'Sullivan and comedian Paul Chowdhty.

As you can see in the picture below, San is working closely with the Malmaison Hotel's general manager Damian Goom to carefully position his work under the illumination of UV lights to maximise the colours of the Swarovski Crystals and the purple uplighting captures the elegance of this piece wonderfully.

Image credit - Adam Sargent (Dragon Art Creative Director)

Under UV light you will see specific Swarovski Crystal's glow around the head area. This is to represent the Two Tumors and the chemotherapy that Brian Travers undertook. The UB40 logo is positioned in the heart area to show Brian's Love and passion.  San also added a Gold Saxophone as this is the musical instrument Brian loves to plays which represents his HOPE.

Image credit - Brian Travers Arts

San is one of those increasingly rare artists who captures the pulse of society and with his style being a fusion of Andy Warhol, Roy Litchenstein and Chuck Close he can create Art that inspires audiences from all walks of life.  

San’s section on the Dragon Website is a real feast for the eyes for fans of pop culture-inspired artwork, Dive into his collections on the Dragon Art website where you can purchase a whole host of Art featuring David Bowie to Darth Vader to Winston Churchill.

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