Crypto Daily are fast becoming known throughout the blockchain and crypto space as the one real source for dedicated industry news covering a wide array of subjects.

Dragon and Crypto Daily have a real synergy; therefore, it was only natural they partnered to cover their rise as well as reporting on Dragons evolution of the Entertainment industry.  Expect to see new reports on the range of Dragon vertical markets all adopting blockchain technology and the growing number of use cases for Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin.

Attracting over three and a half million unique visitors per month, one million of which were gained in less than six months of operation; Dragon could not be more thrilled to confirm its partnership with the Crypto Daily news site.  Crypto Daily have partnerships with Steemit, Google News, News Now, Trading Views as well as featuring on over 200 different cryptocurrency apps on Google Play (10k+ downloads) and iTunes.

Crypto Daily are an increasingly popular and well-trusted news site, a media network and a YouTube platform offering round-the-clock up-to-date breaking and trending news across the width and breadth of the crypto-currency network.

The reason Crypto Daily can provide such current news is due to their extensive and varying network of partnerships with news aggregators and apps that offer the absolute best coverage.

Adding to this is the fact that Crypto Daily are one of very few cryptocurrency and blockchain news outlets that have many reliable and respectable connections via Chinese media giants including WeChat - making the news both accessible and very popular among the Chinese audience.

Crypto Daily have already accomplished a number of landmark achievements, including European and International trademarks of the Crypto Daily Brand as well as an established YouTube channel with a respected in-house presenter that has amassed over 120,000 dedicated subscribers. What's more is that most, if not all of the news distributed is attainable in a number of foreign language websites with news regularly translated by native speakers.

But what is it that makes Crypto Daily especially unique? Well, it’s the fact that the news is brought to the masses via people who carry out day-in-day-out research into the ever-evolving industry. What this ensures is unbiased opinions on everything to do with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

With thanks to a number of technical analysts, Crypto Daily have also been able to achieve listings on major financial resources, including Trading View.

With all of these fantastic accomplishments under their belts, the Crypto Daily team show no signs of slowing down, which makes for an incredibly exciting and anticipatory partnership with Dragon.