The 2018 Professional Fighters League (PFL) Championships comes to an explosive climax on New Year’s Eve at Madison Square Gardens, which is set to be a game-changing and life-changing night for the fighters and the sport.

The championships began with 72 fighters with a range of different martial art styles all striving to reach the finals in New York and Dragon have two athletes who have battled their way past their opponents and have risen to the top and into the last 12 competing for $1 million each.  

The evening will see event organisers wrapping six World Championship belts around the winner’s waists and handing over $1 million in front of over 20, 000 passionate fight fans jam packed into the stadium and to millions more around the world watching the live stream.

This is exactly the sort of event that Dragon blockchain can be integrated into, to evolve the sports industry for fans and competitors alike.  The coming year will see fans able to purchase tickets to watch events such as this using Dragon Coin (DRG), the world’s number one entertainment coin as well as being able to buy food and drink once in the event through the secure and easy-to-use Dragon Social Wallet.

This innovative technology has already been tested in a live e-gaming environment showing how versatile Dragon Blockchain is and why DRG is set to achieve mass adoption throughout the entertainment industry.

Dragon Heavyweight Josh Copeland lines up against the equally formidable Brazilian, Philipe Lins who is unbeaten in the Professional Fighters League to set up an intriguing fight.  With both fighters weighing-in at a solid 265lbs it looks set to be a devastatingly explosive encounter when Copeland goes toe to toe with Lins.

Copeland remains grounded despite the potential for winning a life changing $1 million saying: ‘Even if I win the million bucks, I’m still gonna be driving my Jetta.’

He’s saying that now but $1 million can change where you choose to shop but with the PFL making headlines with the $ millions in prize money what is not clear is how much of this money will be lost to middlemen who will take their fees from their winnings. Dragon Blockchain can also provide a definitive solution to this by protecting the players and companies from being hit with hefty contractual fees and putting the power back into the fighters hands–hands that they have used literally fight for the money.

Copeland has been working on increasing his bone crushing strength and fans are looking forward to the ‘cuddly bear’ unleashing his deadly firepower on Lins and then taking him to the floor to relentlessly ‘ground and pound’ him into submission.

 Fight fans are absolutely buzzing with the prospect of seeing these two in combat and you can definitely see why when you watch the show reel for the build-up to their fight.

Watching expectantly from the sidelines and set to fight after Copeland will be another Dragon warrior keen to lay claim to the Light Heavyweight title.  Dragon Ambassador Sean O’Connell hopes to conquer number 1 seed, Brazilian Vinny Magalhaes; their fight build up can be seen here.

Many fight fans see O’Connell as the underdog, but he is happy to let them think that.  Many of O’Connell’s opponents have underestimated him in the past and have felt the devastating fight ending right hook.    O'Connell has proved this season that you can never count him out - he can change a fight with one punch at any time!

"I’m a power puncher. If I hit you you’re going to feel it… I’ll try to hit you more and harder than you hit me, when I’m fighting it’s a place where I guess my inner ogre comes out.”
Video footage courtesy of PFL.

So, will the evening end with belts going staying in the USA with the bruised and battered victorious Dragon’s or will they be heading to south to Brazil?  No matter what both Copeland and O’Connell are thrilled to be working with Dragon and are looking forward showing their MMA skills on New Year’s Eve and scooping $1 million in prize money.  

No matter what happens on the night, to reach the finals in an extremely competitive sport is an accomplishment in itself.

Dragon Blockchain continues to power professional MMA athletes, award winning trainers of potential Olympic boxers and motor sport champions check us out at or while you wait for the action.