Brian Travers, famously known as one of the founding members and saxophonist of legendary reggae band UB40, has spent the decades with his band recording and touring the world. In which time, they amassed over 120 million album sales. Putting the Sax down, Brian Travers enjoys spending his free time expressing himself through Abstract mediums of art while at the same time representing Dragon Art as an Ambassador. Brian Travers is also very well recognised for his charitable work with influential organisations such as The Global Gift Foundation, an organisation that is known worldwide. Current and previous supporters include Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn, Will .i .am, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Mariah Carey, to name a few.

Run by Maria Bravo & Eva Longoria, the Gala receives excellent support from respected leaders, celebrities, philanthropists, and various people of influence from around the world. On 17th October, during their tenth annual Global Gift Gala at the Kimpton Fitzroy in Russell Square Brian Travers was awarded a special Humanitarian Award in recognition of his courage and philanthropy this year. Brian has received several top awards in his 40 plus year career for his charity work and a fantastic career stretching beyond just his musical genius.

Furthermore, on 7th November Brian Travers teams up with fellow Dragon Art Ambassador, Hannes D'haese, to reveal their remarkable art collaboration on George Galloways Culture & Politics show on Sputnik TV. We can anticipate seeing content in the forms of interviews with Brian & Hannes, which will dive more into the stories of Hannes' early life and his initial introduction to art. Titled "21st Century Revolutionary", Brian has utilised his back catalogue and his music background to supply the mini-film with symphonies and compositions. Although made up of mostly unreleased pieces of work, the dramatic and poignant music showed the significant contrast of feelings and emotion throughout each piece.

Hannes, one of Europe's most successful pop artists and sculptors, is a huge advocate for environmental issues and has exhibited all over the world. Several high profile collectors admire and seek to own his works; notable names include the likes of Prince Albert of Monaco. He is known for incorporating robust imaging and utilising striking and visually impactful messaging to convey his advocacy. An excellent example is seen in his powerful pop-art sculptures of Penguins who are travelling to Europe with Hannes due to the melting of the polar ice caps.

Image Credit - Brian Travers / Hannes D'haese

The project with Brian Travers will feature as part of the ongoing charity work between Brian, BTAF, and various other art friends and supporters.

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