For start-ups to succeed, they have to work together, network, and share ideas that will help them overcome all of the many challenges that are bound to come their way. One way of getting ahead is by keeping pace with the latest industry developments at superb events such as Disrupt Berlin who expect a footfall of more than a thousand people.

With start-up competitions and workshops set to take place, the Disrupt Berlin 2019 event will focus primarily on start-ups and how they relate to blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), gaming, mobility and media. Scheduled to run from 10th of December through to 12th, attendees of this event can also experience the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany.

In an ever-busier event calendar, this is one event that the tech world would not want to miss, and Dragon are standing by to support projects achieve their business dreams. Dragon can provide advice on start-up growth strategies and how they should operate if they want to succeed in this ever-evolving world. With one of the focus of this event being on blockchain technology and AI, Dragon is the ideal company to help businesses at all stages of development harness the power of blockchain innovation.
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Photo by Christopher Burns / Unsplash

With over 14 topics to focus on, the organizers of this event have gathered several key individuals in the start-up, blockchain, and AI field to serve as guest speakers. One of the keynote speakers for this Berlin event is CEO and joint Founder of Neufund, Zoe Adamovicz. Sophie Alcorn, the Founder of AIL (Alcorn Immigration Law), would also be part of the keynote speakers for this Berlin event.

With the fantastic changes taking place in the tech industry, the sky's the limit. Head over to Dragon blog to get yourself acquainted with all that's happening in this evolving industry.