While "Digital Transformation" has become one of the most talked-about topics in the banking and financial service industry, this is one of the first summits dedicated to offering members of the banking industry in-depth knowledge of the transformational benefits of the digital world. The summit in the heart of Britain's vibrant capital city of London gathers over 120 banks, investors, and fintech companies from across Europe.

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The Digital Transformation in Banking Summit 2019 aims to help banks and other financial service platforms learn about some of the case studies in Europe and gives a great break down on how banks and financial service platforms can adopt technologies, the challenges associated with technology adoption, and how new partners can be identified and incorporated.

With the world coming to terms with the 4th industrial revolution there is unease across all financial markets however Dragon and its team are on hand with secure, fast payment systems all in the power of your hands while also offering consultancy to traditional services and supporting them and their business with digital transformation.

The event features 15 speakers from the financial technology and banking industries. The powerful opening keynote speech for the event, "Digital Transformation; The Future Of Finance" by UBS Group Managing Director, Huw Van Steenis set the tone for the day ahead. The keynote address will explore the recommendations of the Bank Of England's finance report. With the summit aimed at addressing the problems of the banking industry Anton Ruddenklau, the Head of Innovation and Digital at KPMG will offer insight into the dilemma all significant players in the industry will have to face if they are to reap the transformational promise that is associated with digitalization. Delivered by Fidelma Russo and Raman Bhatia, the third talk of the day will explore the benefits of embracing digital transformation in our world today.

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