Whilst Trump and his Chinese counterpart trade insults savvy investors are shifting their trade to Southeast Asia.

With the American president adding a 10% (increasing to 25%) tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods and China responding with $60 billion worth of levies on U.S. imports manufacturers are growing tired of the uncertainly and are voting with their feet.  

With Dragon’s roots firmly in the area they are in the crosshairs of companies hoping to relocate their production to the region.  In an unstable market for investors the reliability of Dragon Blockchain solutions have become the one true constant in the region.  

Dragon CEO and former Royal Marine Commando welcomes the influx of foreign investment saying, ‘as Dragon is recognised as the leading Blockchain solution provider in the region we have become inundated with enquires from companies in the US, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines to name but a few.’
As well as choosing to utilize Dragon Exchange (DRGx) to easily trade digital assets they are looking to Dragon to set up Hybrid Blockchain solutions to produce smart contracts, so the tracking of their assets becomes transparent as part of an immutable transaction ledger.  

As Dragon have implemented similar Blockchain solutions in other parts of the world they have turned into the go to source for foreign investors looking to relocate.

Paul goes on to say, ‘the region certainly isn’t immune to the fallout from the dispute as the recent trade slump in Thailand in September shows.  But with Dragon already having established strong foundations and plotted out the landscape with key strategic partners, companies choosing Dragon are better placed to weather any future storm.’

Read about how Dragon CEO Paul Moynan wants empower others and find out about some key partnerships already in place at https://drgtoken.io/ecosystem.html