While Dragon blockchain has many interesting use cases, one of the most promising and accessible applications of the technology is tokenization. By representing assets in token amounts on the blockchain, ordinary people can now invest in high-end real estate, in bond offerings, and even in art.

The world of art investment has traditionally been reserved for the wealthy elite, and as fine art often increases in value it can be very lucrative indeed. The most extreme example is probably Da Vinci’s Salvador Mundi, which was bought for about $50 at a Louisiana auction and sold for almost half a billion dollars a few decades later.

Dragon blockchain enables groups of people to invest small amounts in expensive artwork and then benefit from the resale which often has an enormous profit margin. A painting valued at $1 million could be represented as 1 million tokens, for example, and held to be sold at a later date.

Dragon CEO and former Royal Marine Commando Paul Moynan pointed out that Dragon blockchain solutions can be used to break through class barriers and open up the art world to all investors, saying:

“Art is definitely one of the most exciting use cases for our Dragon. Where before only millionaires and billionaires could even consider fine art pieces as an investment opportunity, anyone can now come and purchase 1% of a painting which could go up several times in price at the next auction, and they can do that using Dragon Blockchain solutions.”

The transformation of fine art into an accessible commodity is a groundbreaking development for investors everywhere, and just one of the many projects in development at Dragon which recently launched a new token exchange and social wallet. Dragon blockchain solutions has also secured multiple partnerships in the sports and entertainment world.