Powered by the Global Blockchain Business Council, “Blockchain Central” is the premier venue at Davos for all things blockchain. As the destination for VIP cocktail hours, curated roundtables, private dinners, and technology demonstrations, in 2018, it was the hub for blockchain partnership facilitation.

In January 2019, from January 21st through January 25th, the GBBC will return to Davos for its third year of programming. Located steps from the Congress Center on the Promenade, the GBBC’s “Blockchain Central” lounge will be seen by thousands of participants in the World Economic Forum meeting each day.

Inside, we will bring together the leading voices in this groundbreaking field to create unmatched opportunities for innovators, especially GBBC’s current (and potential) institutional members, to collaborate with policymakers and business leaders from around the world.

The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) is the leading trade association for the blockchain technology ecosystem, which brings together innovative organizations and founding thought-leaders from over 40 countries to advance understanding of blockchain technology amongst global regulators and business leaders.

Conceived on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island, the GBBC is a Swiss-based non-profit, which launched formally during the 2017 Annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The organization is dedicated to furthering adoption of blockchain technology through engaging regulators, business leaders, and global changemakers on how to harness this groundbreaking tool to create more secure, equitable, and functional societies.

The Global Blockchain Business Council was founded with the intention of gaining participation of the industry’s leading companies, all committed to the belief that blockchain technology can and will change the way we do business. As this technology grows in acceptance and use, we welcome like-minded businesses, who share our commitments to the technology and transparency.