The recent Tech Invest event in London is one of the very few events that offer attendees an opportunity to not only learn about the latest trends in the industry but also help them network and form great, and long-lasting value add partnerships that may shape and influence the future of the investment industry. Tech Invest brought together promising pan-European tech companies, leading and influential investors, pre and post IPO advisors to Huckletree West.

For businesses, this event offered them the superb opportunity to not only learn about emerging technologies, but it also afforded them a conduit to interact with fellow professionals to develop their businesses and discuss the potential to expand their reach into other European countries.  One of the highlights of this event was the "One-to-One" networking session which gave the attendees the excellent opportunity to meet, interact, discuss, and partner with others in attendance. The intention gave all present a fantastic opportunity to generate inbound investment requests while at the same time improving their liquid assets.

Investors also spent time discovering will new and promising tech start-ups they can invest in by listening to the "Tech Companies Pitch" session which was superbly by Susana de Antonio, the Head of EU Tech Hub.  She was joined by other thought leaders and experts who discussed the merits of the investing and funding start-up companies.  Other experts such as COO of RageTime, Josep Sole and Marcos Aubeso, General Partner at Advira Ventures also discussed with investors more a list of some of the promising start-ups in which they could invest.

Financial events such as these would not be complete without investigating how Blockchain can be applied throughout the industry.  The potential applications and wider-ranging benefits were expertly covered in a session titled “Blockchain redesigning finance” delivered by Jean-Marc Bonnefous, the Managing Partner at Tellurian Capital.  Jean-Marc is the founder and managing partner of Tellurian Capital Management LLP, a London based investment management firm focused on commodity strategies.  Jean-Marc is also a professor adjunct in finance at the IE Business School in Madrid, holds a graduate degree from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (SciencesPo), as well as a Master of Laws from the University of Paris-Assas and a Postgraduate degree (DESS) in Banking and Finance from the University of Paris-Dauphine.

With people of this high calibre championing Blockchain, the financial industry is much better informed but with perhaps what is needed is a one-stop-shop which can act as a financial incubator for Blockchain projects.  Of course, the powerful Dragon Ecosystem of DRGx, Dragon Coin and the Dragon Social Wallet would be the perfect addition to compliment this service, providing an excellent bridge between traditional business and Blockchain innovation.  More and more events are expected to be held throughout the Fintech and Blockchain space in the months, and we’ll have them all covered on the Dragon Blog.