Over 5000 participants will gather in San Francisco from 5th to 12th October at the Palace of Fine Arts and the Hilton in Union Square for the San Francisco Blockchain week (SFBW).⠀

It promises to be a great event which focuses on education and consumer adoption of blockchain technologies - speakers such as Professor Dawn Song and creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin will host interactive sessions with developers, consumers and entrepreneurs.⠀

Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan said, “there is too much noise and not enough substance in many blockchain events but the SFBW is different. It aims to give the most realistic picture of the current state of blockchain by providing high-quality education workshops for all attendees and we are looking to replicate this model across a number of emerging vertical markets.”⠀

At the start of the week, the Ethereum Hackathon will give people the opportunity to dig deep into new ideas, meet other developers and build things - all of which are key to growing the Ethereum and Blockchain community.

Dragon are at the forefront of innovation and have already changed the narrative by providing blockchain technology that powers a number of vertical markets on the new decentralized web.

To learn more about how we are world leaders in this area visit us now at https://drgtoken.io/ecosystem.html to find out more.