Avid fans of Bitcoin who also love digging into some fried chicken should in no way feel left out as KFC has indeed been a part of the crypto hype-train for some time already.

Earlier this year in January 2018, KFC Canada launched their Bitcoin Bucket which quite simply allowed hungry customers to purchase a bucket of chicken with the digital currency.

The Bitcoin Bucket included 10 chicken pieces, waffle fries, gravy, two different kinds of delicious dips and sold out within the first hour that it was made available to purchase.

KFC took to Twitter to joke about their genius marketing ploy, tweeting:

“KFC Canada presents the Bitcoin Bucket. Sure, we don’t know exactly what Bitcoins are, or how they work, but that shouldn’t come between you and some finger-lickin’ good chicken.”

With fast-food franchises beginning to accept to cryptocurrency as payment, the future looks bright for widespread adoption, but does this actually mean we might see franchises in stable economies doing the same? Let us know your thoughts.

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