David Plattner, a long-term adopter of Blockchain technology has been invited to attend the Grand Opening of the Israeli Innovation Center on 24th–25th October.

Dragon CEO and former Royal Marine Commando Paul Moynan knows David both as a business colleague and friend and is delighted that he has been invited to attend the event.

Paul, an ardent philanthropist himself said, ‘David and I share the same vision of helping communities develop in Africa because we share the same ‘win - win' mentality.  

I know that his positivity and engaging personality will shine through at the summit and I look forward to working with him on our ongoing mission to improve livelihood and food security in Africa.'

The Grand Opening will also see the first Israel Innovation Summit hosted by the Prime Minister of the State of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation in Jaffa.  

David founded RainTrust in 2004 to assist large-scale livelihood programs and ecological restoration in 35 African countries and to assist in monetizing the critically endangered "Great Green Wall" in Africa.

Dragon are a key partner in this endeavour providing the Blockchain technology to make this possible through the use of Dragon Coin - the worlds number 1 entertainment coin.  

This provides the potential use case for Dragon Coin and the implementation of a Dragon hybrid Blockchain platform allowing capital to be deployed and provide transparency throughout the world’s largest Agro-Blockchain in Africa.

The Israeli Innovation Center will tell the remarkable story of the “Innovation Nation,” highlight the global human impact of Israel’s achievements, and explore how to extend the “Start-up Nation” into the “Start-up Region".  

With David’s track record of establishing numerous sustainable methodologies and programs that have directly impacted upon global communities it was only natural that he would be invited to attend.

The event at the prestigious Peres Centre in Jerusalem will shape the future of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Technologies and IT Infrastructure, Mobility, Precision Medicine, Food Technologies, Water, Energy and Agriculture.  

David will contribute to the discussion around today’s most critical innovation topics which will lead to some very exciting developments and partnerships with Dragon as the leading provider of Blockchain technology.

Find out more about RainTrust at http://www.raintrust.com and see how Dragon continue to lead the way in evolution of Blockchain solutions at https://drgtoken.io