Friday 14th September saw the final day of our incomparable Blockchain bus tour.⠀Arriving in style, with the bus making an entrance that would not look out of place at a championship boxing match, it was a huge hit from the outset.⠀

Silicon roundabout was the desired location that was chosen for the day. Known for being the Tech City of East London, it was the penultimate choice for Dragon to display their platform of opportunities and possibilities which is vastly reaching across the entire business and entertainment space.⠀

Dragon would like to extend their gratitude to all who came to visit the bus throughout the two weeks we were mobile around London. A special thanks to the office members from Weworks - London and to James Allen who is the Account Executive at Wework London, for supporting to spread the word around the area about Dragon and our state-of-the-art exchange platform –DRGx.

If you are looking for office space in East London then Dragon 100% recommends Wework for this. The atmosphere is just right for any innovative, modern company to profit from. Check them out!!⠀

It really was an awe-inspiring day and to be able to spread our news to the tech family of London was the icing on the cake.⠀We encountered a wide variety of dynamic companies, all with exciting B2B and B2C potential for the future.⠀

One in particular that deserves a mention is Shane McCarthy. Shane is the founder and CEO of the world’s first Blockchain beer – Ireland Craft Beverages.

Shane spent a lot of time with our team on board the bus discussing the benefits of our DRGx exchange  which is powered by Dragon and has seamless cross-functionality with our social wallet app (which is available on Android from GooglePlay… and on iOS from the AppStore…/dragon-social-wall…/id1410096309… ) and how this would be a massive advantage to his business model.⠀

Did you manage to make it to any of the Dragon Blockchain bus locations? If so, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if you caught the bus on camera, tag us too.