The Tech Leaders’ Summit is regarded as one of the most important and influential gathering of technological leaders, therefore it will come as no surprise that Dragon will be there.

Retail leaders today still experience the challenges of the great leaders throughout history. It is true that even if you are equipped with the latest technology, without key strategic partnerships in place success is certainly not guaranteed. This is something that Dragon CEO and former Royal Marines Commando Paul Moynan is acutely aware of after extensively studying the tactics and decisions business leaders have made in the past.

Paul’s outstanding business leadership has allowed many effective partnerships to be formed by the team at Dragon in a rapidly expanding range of vertical markets. The evolutionary Dragon blockchain technology is bringing disruptive innovation and unprecedented opportunities to drive business value in all areas.

Come to see us at our mobile meet up or if you can’t make it, visit to discover how Dragon is implementing innovative solutions to sectors such as motor sports, charities and even partnering with an Olympic competitor!