Recognizing golden opportunities is the first step to success. With this in mind, staying abreast of the rapidly expanding Blockchain and crypto market is an absolute must. But how do you know that, when there are so many events to choose from and in so many countries?  Well, one way is to engage with this fantastic online event which delivers fascinating insights into the direction that Crypto Derivatives will take in 2020.  This month’s event was a great success and allowed attendees access to great authorities in the subject. Namely; Matthew Cheung (Founder, JM Consultancy Services Limited), Sam Bankman (CEO, FTX), Luuk Strijers (CCO, Deribit) and Mark Lamb (CEO, CoinFlex).  This knowledge-packed webinar was facilitated on the Remo virtual system, allowing real networking opportunities and access to contacts for long-term partnerships.  

Matthew has double bachelor’s degrees in Canada and built his career to become an experienced advisor and business strategist in the IT industry. Matthew is an astute entrepreneur and shares many common business ideas with Dragon Gateway founder and dear friend, Paul Moynan, and he’s looking forward to seeing Paul’s latest stand-alone vertical thrive. Dragon Gateway, a digital transformation accelerator funding portal focused on Blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures harnessing the investment might of Asia markets into Blockchain Innovation. Set to go live shortly, Dragon Gateway is able to harness the investment power of leading Chinese VC's and Asian funds and the scene is set for spectacular growth throughout the Chinese Year of the Rat!  Companies of all sizes and at all stages of development will be able to realize their business dreams.

Look out for more news coming soon on the Dragon Blog, on this and everything else that’s going on in the fabulously and continually growing Blockchain tech world.