Considered by many to be the main event of the LA Blockchain Week, CIS is a world-leading conference & expo focused on blockchain technologies, entrepreneurs, investors, and developers. Described by Inc. Magazine as "A can't miss conference in 2019 that will improve your business life." A bold statement perhaps but the 4th edition of the event promises to live up to this by gathering more than 120 top quality speakers, over 500 investors and a huge footfall of 3000 attendees.

Running until 16th October, CIS is an exclusive, curated thought-provoking event bringing some of the world's foremost innovators and change-makers from the blockchain industry. With a key theme of investigating how Blockchain and tokens are changing the world, some of the brightest minds, creators, business professionals, leading investors and VC's are in attendance. Attendees will come away from the event with new ideas on how, why and where to invest in arguably the most evolutionary technology since the inception of the internet.

Dragon CEO Paul Moynan recognises the quality of the event saying: "The CIS event attracts the cream of the crop and puts people in front of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the blockchain space."

One of the stand-out speakers in the many on display is Tom Meredith, CEO of Bitminutes which is a company with a fascinating product. BitMinutes offers Free Money Transfer and Guaranteed Loans to over 4 Billion bank and mobile accounts worldwide using proprietary "Smart Token" technology. As an MBA graduate of Harvard Business School and with a background in AI and an innovator of voice mail and email integration, Tom is in high demand. Tom is delivering a keynote speech on Tuesday and is a panellist on Wednesday 16th when he is sure to be quizzed on Bitminutes and his past when he pioneered one of the first online payment processing systems and consulted both the mortgage and payment processing industries to adopt electronic financial technology (FinTech).

You can find out more about Bitminutes right now...

The event organisers understand that at the end of the day, nothing matters more than successful deals for investors and companies alike. They have partnered with the world's leading funds who have pledged tens of millions of dollars of investments for companies presenting at CIS. A blockchain version of the 'Shark Tank' called Block Tank offers a fabulous prize pot of $25,000 to work on a pilot project with the City of LA in the areas of Environmental Sustainability, Online Voting Platforms or Secure Resident IDs.

Paul Moynan adds: "This event gives people all the information that they need to succeed in this new age of blockchain technology. Everyone you'll see on stage at CIS is an industry-leading professional with a story to tell and passion for sharing their knowledge.  With that in mind, it’s only to be expected that Tom and the Bitminutes team are at the event and with Tom taking the stage I expect people to be inspired by him to go forward and innovate.”

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