At the start of this new decade, we at Dragon would like to wish the citizens the People’s republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau, and all fellow Eastern Asian states a blessed and very prosperous Chinese New Year Holiday season filled with love, peace and unity.  To all our partners and friends in China we join you in celebrating the Chinese new year.

As the year 2020 rolls around, we wave goodbye to the previous decade and look forward to the upcoming Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. Where Millions, if not Billions of the Chinese citizens will be feasting and celebrating festivities in the form of vibrant Lion and Dragon dances as well and taking part in huge parades and festivals with their friends and families across towns, cities and villages across the nation.

The magnitude of the Chinese New Year is enormous, with this festival having over 4,000 years of prestigious history dating back to prehistoric times, it is seen by many as the pillar holiday of the year in the Chinese calendar. It commemorates the beginning of a brand-new lunar cycle with the Festivities beginning on the first day of the lunar calendar and lasting until the 15th day of the first month, where it is famously closed by the Spring lantern Festival commemorating the final day of holidays.

Dragon Co-founder, Paul Moynan said, "China is steeped in great history yet the way that they maintain traditional values while being at the forefront of technical innovation is truly inspirational.  The Chinese New Year coincides with the start of a new decade, where Blockchain technology is sure to be adopted in a scale previously unheard of, and China remains at the forefront of this.  On behalf of everybody at Dragon team, I would like to wish everybody great fortune, career success and prosperity for the future no matter what industry you are in.”

This Chinese New Year officially commences on Saturday 25th January and runs in style until 4th February.  Each year the traditional festivities of the Chinese New Year are represented by a different animal zodiac sign.  The 2020 Chinese New Year is being dubbed 'the Year of the Rat'.  In Chinese culture, the Rat is a yang symbol that is connected with the Earthly Branch (Di-Zhi) and the midnight hours, representing the start of a new day. Rats are seen as symbols of wealth and surplus, implying that the upcoming new year will be laden with career and financial success. The year will have its issues undoubtedly, but the positive factors can turn it all around, as the 2020 fortune declares, "These Rats tend to be reliable and live a stable life. They may hold some power and can turn unlucky events into a fortune.”

The Year of the Rat comes at an excellent time for everybody in the Dragon community as the full power of the Dragon ecosystem, including Dragon, the World’s Number One Entertainment Coin, comes online.  To keep on top of all the innovation coming out of China, all you need to is to stay tuned to the Dragon Blog – why not head there right now?