Congratulations go to China’s Xixiang Luo, who won his first major Asian Poker Tour title, after a nerve-racking battle against Graeme Siow in the heads-up round.  The tension was high on the final hand with Siow’s flop hitting the deck with a 2-7-7, he was all in with J-4 of Diamonds. Luo called with an A-5 off suit, the turn and river offered neither player a hit, showing 2-6, delivering a high card win for Luo after only 15 hands.

The Asian Poker Tour has been non-stop recently. This APT event, which ran from the 18th -22nd September 2019, at Resorts World Manila, saw 265 players compete over the five days, generating a credible PHP 19,278,700 prize pool.  ($370,000).  As this was happening, APT secured a deal with Resorts World Manilla, securing a two-year deal, for no fewer than two major events to be hosted at the revered venue’s casino.

This new deal should come as a surprise to no one though.  Resorts World Manila has long been a favourite of APT players while in the Philippines.  RWM and the APT have presented 24 international poker series and events over the past ten years.  During this time together, there have been many memorable occasions, including an outstanding 515 players at the Main Event of the Asian Poker Tour Philippines, 2019.  It will be interesting to see what 2020 brings to the table, with RWM and APT hosting events in April, May and September and of course we’ll bring you all the news on the Dragon Blog.