China’s “new world order” for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Infrastructure

According to leading US think tank, the Future Today Institute, China still leads the way in the development of digital infrastructure, artificial intelligence (AI) and data collection.

The 2020 Tech Trends Report released recently, comments that “if data is the new oil, then China is the new OPEC.” Aided by the massive population of nearly 1.4 billion people, researches and start-ups in the country have an abundance of what might just become the most valuable natural resource in the future – human data.

The institute projected that China will continue to assert “prolific dominance” this year, as it races against other countries for global leadership in areas such as AI, bioengineering and space exploration adding that it would be a mistake to assume that in light of the current slowing of the economy that China has lost its global influence.

Paul Moynan, co-founder of Dragon,

"the amount of rich data that China can mine can easily be used to train AI in advanced pattern detection to be used in almost everything from education, retail & manufacturing through to military applications. It should come as no surprise that out of the nine big tech companies driving forward this innovation, we see Chinese tech giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent up there with the likes of Google, IBM, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.”

The nine companies wield huge influence when it comes to research and government involvement in projects however where China seeks to become the world’s primary location for AI by 2030 through collaboration many of the US-based companies have strategies focused on an individual approach which is why the report predicts China’s has a serious head start.

This new decade is set to be packed with more great innovation coming out of China. Once the recent economic and physical challenges are overcome, we can expect them to come thick and fast, so make sure you keep reading the Dragon Blog, available by clicking here every single day.