While some countries are still investigating the technology, China seems to have made up her mind on the immense benefits of this technology.  With the global Blockchain market predicted to hit almost USD 58million by 2025, country's government is pulling out all the stops to ensure they maintain their competitive edge over other countries when it comes to this technology.

Dragon co-founder, Paul Moynan comments, ‘barely a day goes by where a new use case for Blockchain technology is discovered and with some state-run newspapers heaping praises on this immutable technology it remains very much at the forefront of people’s minds.  Dragon is standing by to support projects of all sizes embrace the numerous benefits of Blockchain, from listing a coin on the Dragon Exchange right the way through to a complete ecosystem including the Dragon Social Wallet.

Since the country's President Xi Jinping, spoke at the Politburo study session back in October and called for the acceleration of Blockchain development in the country, more than 500 different Blockchain-related projects have been duly registered by the Cyberspace Administration.

The CEO of CryptoBLK Duncan Wong while speaking to the press recently, clearly pointed out that after the president's remark, that he's expecting a steady stream of blockchain-based applications coming out of the mainland in 2020.

With the development of more blockchain-powered applications, some of the problems facing the country may be solved. With the flood of innovation coming out of China, it's essential for you to stay up to date. Head over to our Dragon blog right now to get up the low down on all things happening in the Blockchain space.