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Digital currencies are ideal for everybody from the man on the street to the most famous of celebrities.  

The celebrities listed below have invested in digital currencies with some achieving great success.  If they can do it so can you.  This should give you the motivation you need to make the simple but potentially life-changing step to using the world’s number one entertainment coin - Dragon Coin.    

Celebrities That Have Invested in Digital Currencies.    

Lionel Messi.    Lionel Messi is considered by many to be the best footballer in the world. He is as creative and crafty with the ball as he is with his money. Messi has partnered with Sirin Labs, a blockchain based computer company, as the brand ambassador for the company. An excited Messi announced his move into digital currency to his more than 90 million social media followers on Facebook and Instagram.    

Ashton Kutcher.    This famous actor has for a long time played a significant role in the adoption of digital currency technology. He was one of the first major investors in the form of digital currency known as Bitpay. Bitpay has been growing and achieving success ever since. Kutcher even donated digital currency worth $4 million to Ellen Degeneres' wildlife conservation fund.    

Floyd Mayweather.    This successful boxer with the name of ‘money’ as his nickname knows how to invest his money. He has hyped up his digital currency exploits on social media a few times over the years. He is known to have links with several digital currencies and he even jokingly stated that his name should now be Floyd Crypto Mayweather rather than Floyd Money Mayweather.    

Akon.     This mega superstar has big plans for digital currency. He has his own type of digital currency known as Akoin. He plans to use Akoin to run his own city in his native Senegal. He sees digital currency as a potential income generator for Africa's population.      

Nas.     Nas' exploits in the rap industry make him one of the most recognisable rappers alive. He has long been an advocatefor the use of digital currency. He was once quoted stating that digital currency has the potential to be bigger than the internet. In 2014 he and his manager invested $25, but since then he has made significant investments in Bitcoin including a stake in digital currency company, BlockCypher.    

Mike Tyson.     In his day, ‘Iron Mike’ was as devastatingly unbeatable as Dragon Coin!Away from the sport, Tyson has also made some wise financial moves. His biggest move in the digital currency industry has been the opening up of a digital currency ATM in Las Vegas. A year later the digital currency firm behind the ATM launched a Mike Tyson digital wallet which had a logo matching Tyson’s face tattoo.

Conclusion.     The above list is certainly not a conclusive list.  Many other celebrities like Richard Branson and Katy Perry have also invested in digital currencies, and the trend shows that more and more stars are likely to invest.  

While you don’t need celebrity status to invest in Dragon Coin, you will definitely feel like a superstar once you invest in the world's number one entertainment coin so click here to find out how to enter the world of Dragon.