It is no doubt that the end of 2019 was a challenging time for Macau’s gaming industry, with it seeing a dip in profits. Now according to reports, casino workers in the city-state of Macau have been voicing their concerns surrounding their salaries working conditions.

Around 500 workers took part in a march seeking a pay rise in line with the cost of inflation and for improvements in their operating environment.  These series of events have brought workers health to the forefront with gambling watchdogs working with the city’s health bureau to minimise further potential risks.

The city’s gambling regulator (DICJ) released a statement highlighting their commitment to safeguarding the wellbeing of workers in a gaming industry which is well renowned for bringing in Billions of dollars’ worth of turnover annually for the region. The local gambling regulator has urged casino operators to introduce independent test reports on their gaming facilities when approving new installations as a means to safeguarding employees health.

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With many casino operators now introducing the measures for better practice of employee health and safety, attention can now return to the gaming industry in Asia, which is predicted to see a rise in profits along with the positive implication these new measures will inevitably have on the wider community as a whole.