The ever-changing Esports Europe has just announced Brussels will be the headquarters for its European division placing itself central in Europe’s Esports market which is predicted to reach €670m by 2023.  Dragon co-founder, Paul Moynan said of the move, “with Germany having an estimated [European] market size of EUR 70 Million last year which is 29% of the entire European market its clear to see that esports is flourishing in the area.  This once again demonstrates that esports is rapidly evolving and one of the hottest and most profitable entertainment industries of modern times.”

The city's dimension, as well as the experience with international associations, have played a vital role in Brussels being marked as the headquarters and its expected that this announcement will be confirmed by the founding Congress of the Esports Europe in February 2020.

Brussels was announced as the headquarters for the European division following the call for an application that took place in September, in which Brussels was one of the participants. After several rounds of talks, Brussels came out on top for several reasons such as the presence of other Esports industry stakeholders, the proximity of international and European political associations as well as a favourable legal outlook.

There’s no doubt that Brussels is a city which is putting itself on the map as one of the leading tech cities.  In the press recently, the Vice President of the Belgian Esports Federation, Samy Bessi stated that they are thankful and happy to have been announced winners and he is looking forward to continue their entrepreneurship as this is a vital component to the development of the Congress as a whole.

Predicted to exceed a colossal $138 Billion by the close of this year the global games market is showing no signs so slowing down which is excellent news with the full might of the Dragon Ecosystem looking set to be unleashed in Q1 2020.  But until then make sure you stay in the loop with the latest blockchain innovations and as well as Dragon’s contribution to its further developments. Follow us on our social media [Facebook and Twitter] and of course, feel free to join the discussion in our Telegram group.