Look out for Blue Whippet one of the hottest new companies around.  Blue Whippet was formed by a team of PR, business growth and disruptive technology specialists coming together to 'cover the ground fast' in this phenomenally fast-paced space.

Blue Whippet support companies to realise their full potential by helping them to be the best they can be! As we enter a new decade, all companies need to evolve and embrace the latest forms of technology. Blue Whippets combined approach means they can support with regulatory advice, polish their technology stack and then help them tell their story.  The name Blue Whippet is a perfect name for this company - whippet moves quickly while it's chasing its goals, but blue to highlight its partnership with Dragon Gateway.  Dragon Gateway is a digital transformation accelerator portal for Blockchain and crypto projects and is exceptionally well placed to embrace the entrepreneurial culture rapidly emerging through the Blockchain sector.

Dragon Gateway can harness the investment power of leading Chinese VC's, Family offices, UHNWI and several world-leading VCs from Asia, which is a phenomenal offering.  Together, Dragon Gateway and Blue Whippet enable game-changers to achieve business success like never before by providing clear strategy & expert advice, the ability to raise capital and further drive the mass adoption of Blockchain.  The ability to help Blockchain-based projects from the ground up, all the way from initial strategy and planning, through to the realisation stage makes Blue Whippet and Dragon Gateway a one-stop-shop.  As companies supported by Blue Whippet and Dragon Gateway grow their data-driven, personalised approach has a tremendous impact on their further growth and scaling up operations.

Dragon Gateway and Blue Whippet have a tremendous global reach, making strong connections and building lasting relationships with investors and service providers alike at events such as Davos which is where Blue Whippet is right now.  The World Economic Forum (WEF) is, in our opinion, THE event of the year where thousands of the world’s top businesspeople, politicians and celebrities gather in the spectacular resort of Davos in Switzerland.  This annual event puts thought leaders from business in the same room as key players from politics, charity and academia and sees everyone from US President Donald Trump to teen climate activist Greta Thunberg in attendance.  From experience, Blue Whippet have found this to be an excellent place to network, rubbing shoulders with the people that can make an impact on the global stage.   This year has started extremely brightly for Dragon Gateway and Blue Whippet, and there are great things in store for 2020, so look out for our coverage on the Dragon Blog about the fantastic range of services on offer and the latest industry news.