Once again, China is at the forefront of Blockchain innovation, this time using it to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus with nearly 30 anti-coronavirus Blockchain applications released recently.

Blockchain solutions are springing up in many industries to fight the spread of the virus as well as reducing the economic downturn it is causing in China. According to the Shandong University of Finance, both public and private sectors are engaged in what must be regarded as genuinely pioneering uses for Blockchain and applying it to areas such as hospitals, universities and even the financial sector.

"The fact that industries are combining to pool resources and creating systems to help fight this outbreak is a tremendous morale boost for people affected by the virus. As well as being used in an emergency, there is no doubt that these developments will be wide-ranging and adopted globally."  - Paul Moynan, Dragon co-founder.

While the technology is already in use with local authorities who are using Blockchain to manage information and donation platforms, the financial industry is looking to reduce the economic impact by issuing Blockchain-powered corporate loans.  While banks and telco’s such as China Mobile investigate how their respective field could help stop the spread, the immediate need is to apply the technology for medical applications.

Reportedly, Alibaba Cloud and the Shandong University of Finance are collaborating on a system which will help government agencies track patients and identify suspected new cases. Provided entirely free of charge for hospitals. Doctors can now review patients' symptoms and diagnostic measures in real-time while integrating the patient's medical history. The next logical step is to use similar systems in educational establishments to allow staffs to review the health information of teaching staffs and students before they are allowed to return to class.

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