In 2018, Thailand saw a record 38 million tourists, and it is expected this figure will rise to a colossal 41 million by year-end, making it one of the most visited countries in the world.

Getting visas for this amount of people is no mean feat which is why Thailand is pushing on with plans to apply Blockchain technology to its visa issuance system.  The Electronic Visa On Arrival (eVOA) Blockchain-powered system will dramatically speed up as well as secure the digital visa application process.

Anticipated to be a great success, it will soon also be available for millions of visitors arriving from 20 countries; initially, the eVOA will be used by visitors from China and India who will see a streamlined process taking minutes rather than hours experienced by some travellers.  This comes as fantastic news for frequent travellers such as key demographic and users of the Dragon ecosystem, namely VIP / High Roller gamers who like to sample the luxury of Integrated Resorts in different countries.

Optical character recognition (OCR) will be used to capture the information from various printed documents such as airline tickets, hotel reservations and photographs and then a system provided by Australian company ShareRing who are working with Gateway Services will encrypt the information into one file which is then recorded on the Blockchain.

Once the system has been tested thoroughly, we may see the process used worldwide as countries seek to improve the security and speed of processing digital visa applications.

As Blockchain technology continues to push the boundaries of innovation there is sure to be much more exciting news throughout 2020.  We’ll cover it all so be sure to stay tuned to the Dragon Blog for the latest in blockchain and cryptocurrency news from around the world!