While the implementation of the Dragon Casino is being finalised, we take a look at iGaming and social gaming happening all over the world. One lucky player recently won a lifechanging sum of €4.2 Million playing an online slot game, once again highlighting the value of Dragon's Pillar II.

Playing the popular Empire Fortune online slot game from his laptop, the progressive jackpot game dropped a cool €4.2 Million into his wallet. Since Empire Fortune was released a little over four years ago, it has become a fan favourite, and with colossal jackpots such as this, it's easy to see why.

Empire Fortune shares its global progress with Joker Millions which combined have released prizes reaching €39.5 Million, and Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan extends his congratulations to the winner from everyone at Dragon.

Slot gaming is just one aspect of the Dragon Online Casino, a platform which is expected to attract a large customer base as soon as it launches, bringing tried and tested games from world-class partners. In addition to this, expect to see a growing range of fresh new Dragon-themed games offering innovative mechanics and the potential to win big.

The Dragon Online Casino will offer an impressive gaming portfolio packed with mouth-watering opportunities to try your skill in live casino rooms or place a bet in a fully loaded certified Sportsbook with more than 600 unique bet types and over 570K events per year. With such a phenomenally wide range of choice, it will be hard to choose where to start! Stay tuned for more announcements right here on the Dragon Blog.